3D Architectural Construction

Construction projects are always dependent on the plan and the model provided by the contracted architect. Paper plans are now replaced by documents that are created using Computer Aided Design (CAD). The software used for plan creation enables the creator to draw legible outlines of plans, elevations, rooms and other drawings.  Such details help both the customer and the contractor is getting a clear idea of estimation of the future costs and hoe the finished project will look like. CAD software and 3D animation software assist the user in generating quality outputs. We have tried to list down some of the most important things to focus on when it comes to imagery and its impact on property marketing.

Curious about how much 3d rendering costs? There is many great companies on the internet where you can email off your plans and get a quote or check out this price guide provided by a search on google.

3D Rendering Prices
Exterior – Residential $290-$2000
Exterior – Commercial $500-$3000
Interior – Residential $290-$750
Interior – Commercial $290-$1500
3D Floorplans * $75-$600
2D coloured Floorplans * $50-$500
2D black and white floorplans * $25-$300

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Architectural 3D rendering is a very demanding task. It requires lot of concentration time and money to come up with a final plan that would be apt for the given lay-out. Using technology to produce the output helps in reduction of time leading to better designs in a 3D model and efficient utilization of man-power. Benefits of this technology are given below.

  • Gaining a superior insight to the building structure.
  • Ability for prompt checking of errors those are prone to occur during the drawing process.
  • Knowledgeable understanding of all the areas in the given layout. For example, if it is a house project then the customer can view where the kitchen would be placed, how will be the alignment of the living room, the area that would be occupied by the corridor, the balcony view etc..,
  • You can even create a movie type walkthrough of the building
  • These software help in better marketing of projects.
  • Coordination between the construction team becomes easy as documents can be shared with multiple people and all the comments can be written in the same document for correction.
  • It reduces the project cost, thereby enabling efficient usage of materials.